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My car isn’t a smart car, so I mounted a tablet in it to make it “smarter”

I’m going on a 1650km road trip on Monday. And my 2003 VW Golf have just a simple stereo system with CD-player and FM radio. Since there is no FM radio in Norway anymore, I basically only have a CD player in my car.

And I am getting a bit tired to listening to the few CD’s I have. (haven’t bought a new CD in years). So I had the brilliant idea of mounting my tablet in the car! But of course, the cars stereo is so old that it doesn’t have any inputs. Bluetooth? nope! So I can’t stream music through the car’s speakers.

But this didn’t really stop me from mounting the tablet in the car nonetheless. I can use the tablet for Waze and Google maps.

After some time measuring the tablet placement in the car and drawing it in Fusion 360, I got a working tablet mount 🙂

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